Get the best of what the farm has to offer in your CSA box each week

Our 2020 csa program is now full. 

Email us to be added to the waiting list.

​​Our weekly veggie boxes are designed to give you the best of what the farm has to offer every week.  We pre-plan our crop schedule so there is a wide variety of vegetables available throughout the season and we harvest at peak ripeness so you can enjoy maximum freshness and flavour. The 2020 CSA program is 17 weeks long starting Wednesday, June 17 and ending Wednesday, October 7, 2020. The boxes are $23 each/week and pick up is on Wednesdays from 2-6pm at Inside U in Woodstock at 79 Montclair Dr.





Register on our website.  You'll need:
1. Your name
2. Phone number and email address

3. $150 down payment via one of the following:

  • credit card payment online

  • email transfer sent to

  • cheque made out to Bentum Family Farm mailed to 565556 Towerline Road Woodstock ON N4S 7W3

*Registration is done on a first come, first served basis. Spots are confirmed when down payment is received.*

Wednesday, June 17 - Wednesday, October 7, 2020 (17 weeks)
*The start date is subject to change depending on the weather.  A warm spring could mean an earlier start and a cold spring could mean a later start


Wednesdays from 2-6pm at Inside U in Woodstock at 79 Montclair Drive, Woodstock, Ontario

*If you can't pick up on Wednesday, your box will be left at Inside U overnight and you can pick it up any time Thursday

$391 for the full 17 week season ($23/week)

$391 full payment up front due upon registration


$150 down payment due upon registration plus $241 due the first day of CSA pickup on June 17

*other payment plan options are available.  Contact us for details

*we accept credit card payments online, email transfers, cheques or cash


What’s in a Box?

Your CSA box will contain a variety of over 35 types of vegetables throughout the season. Your box contents are determined by what’s available in each season: Spring is the leanest season with greens like lettuce, spinach, kale, radishes, hakurei turnips being common.  Summer is bountiful with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, sweet corn, broccoli, etc. Fall has a bounty of root vegetables and winter squash.  In winter, fresh cold weather greens like kale, spinach and Asian greens, fresh carrots and leeks as well as stored root crops.  You can expect that your spring box will be a little leaner than the abundant summer months.  We’ve accounted for that in the price of the share so it all balances out

Vegetable Choice
Your CSA boxes are pre-packed but we have a couple of options to give you a little more choice:
Swap Box
Each week at the pick up location we have a ‘Swap Box’ filled with a variety of vegetables.  If there’s something you don’t want in your box, simply put it in the swap box and take out an item you’d rather have.

Veggies for Sale at Inside U
You can buy extra veggies from Inside U to supplement your CSA box.  We will stock fresh veggies every other day at Inside U's new location!



Missed Pick Up
We understand that you might be away on holidays, unable to pick up your box or may just need a break one week. If you’re not able to pick up your box, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance of your pick up time to so we can arrange an alternate pickup for you. When you notify us in advance, your options for the week(s) you are away are:
1. You can miss your box the week you’re away and get a double share the previous or following week.
2. You can have a friend or family member pick up your box the week you are away.

3. You can forgo your usual veggie box and get bulk items like potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, garlic, etc instead when you are back.

If you forget to pick up your box it will stay at Inside U overnight until the next day and you can pick it up there anytime.  After that day it will be donated.


Missed Payments
If you miss making your payment by the due date, we reserve the right to withhold your box until payment is received.


Shared Risk
Due to the unpredictable nature of farming (bugs, extreme weather, etc), we cannot guarantee that all of the crops we plant will be available. We do not offer refunds but we will do our best to make sure you are happy with the crops that are available.  By becoming a CSA member you are stating that you understand and agree to the risk associated with this type of farming.


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