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We care about what goes into our soil and our food. We believe that healthy soil produces healthy food, which makes for healthy people.  Because of this, we do not use any chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers.  Instead, we use organic methods of farming that are gentle on the soil and that produce flavourful, nutrient-rich vegetables. 


Quality and Freshness
We are committed to providing you with fresh, high quality vegetables.  We feed the soil with minerals and compost which makes our vegetables taste good!  We harvest our vegetables within hours of selling them so they still have lots of shelf life by the time you get them.


We care about the people that buy our vegetables.  We sell our produce directly to customers which enables us to meet the people that we produce our vegetables for.  We are interested in your stories and what led you to start buying organic food. 

We encourage you to know how your food is produced.  We welcome any questions you have about our farm and our farming practices.  If you want to come to the farm and see your food being grown first hand we happily invite you to do that, just call before you come!

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